She was worth the wait!

Our family has been on the fence for what seems like years about getting a dog, and I’ve always said that it would have to be the *perfect* dog for us to move ahead. Well, Millers Luxury Puppy had exactly that with our newest family member! They were so knowledgable and patient in answering all of our questions and they really knew their puppies well, from temperament to activity level and everything in between, and the puppy starter kit and health guarantee put our minds at ease.
Millers Luxury Puppy was very accommodating to our travel schedule and shared video clips and pictures before we even met. We were especially touched by the follow-up message making sure we all made it home okay and everyone was settled in and happy. We drove from Virginia for our puppy and I would absolutely do that trip again if it was a Millers Luxury Puppy dog.

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